Steampunk, New for 2019

I know it isn’t even Christmas yet, but I have to start thinking of new gnomes to make. Last year I developed gnomes in tiny pots with a flower theme. Those will come back, but I need a fresh new style and I have landed on Steampunk inspired gnomes.

New for 2019, Steampunk gnomes

These gnomes will feature hand felted top hats with metal cog and key embellishments. For sure these gnomes will be a little more time consuming, but they will allow me to practise the skill of jewelry making and flat hat felting.

Keep your eyes on my site shop for the new releases.


Custom Gnomes, A Guide.

I have made this little guide to give you a preview of how easy it is to request a custom, hand felted gnome from Gnomes For Your Homes.

Custom gnomes are an important part of my business. I love making custom gnomes. They are an opportunity to put together a piece of art that someone else will love.

Here’s why I love custom gnomes:

  • Custom gnomes are creatively challenging and that’s why they bring out the best in my work.

  • Custom gnomes allow me to communicate directly with my customers. I get to have little conversations and get to know them a little.

  • Custom gnomes are never run of the mill. People usually have a theme or a person in mind. That gnome needs to capture that person and are therefore unique and individualistic. They cannot be copied.

What I need to know when starting on a custom gnome:

  1. Size

  2. Theme, color, inspiration

  3. Color of hair

  4. Extras

That’s it.

What next?

I pride myself on communication and customer service. I require my customers to be constructively honest about how they feel about the gnomes I create for them. I want you to love your gnome.

I send updates and pictures throughout the process for critique and feedback.

How long does it take?

I work on each gnome individually. Because of the extra time gathering materials, communicating, and perfecting the gnome to your personal specs, a custom gnome can take 2-3 weeks. Another factor is the number of other gnomes being created at that time. Christmas can be particularly busy and I suggest starting early if you need a Christmas gnome.

I will always let you know the estimated length of time it will take to complete your creation.

Don’t be shy. Drop me a message to see what I can create for you.

About me and My Shop, Gnomes For Your Homes

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Gnomes for your Homes consists of me and my longtime love affair with wool. I have been spinning wool since I was 15 and I was doing crochet and knitting long before that. It took me years to decide to take the soft, beautiful fleece and stab at it to make it felt. Once I did, it worked and it has been my main means of artistic outlet since.

I moved from Gig Harbor, Washington State to Bradford, West Yorkshire in 2005 to pursue a master’s degree in human bones and diseases. I did not have my spinning wheel, only a lonely drop spindle. I ended up meeting the guy I was to marry, he ended up being English and we stayed in Yorkshire.

I did finally get my spinning wheel to the UK but before I did, I started messing around with felting. Now I must say, felting is a strange concept when you are used to working with the softness and bounce of wool. However, felting brings all kinds of opportunities to play with wool that I hadn’t thought possible. For one thing, I can make and design my own fabric. I can make toys and decorations just by stabbing and rubbing the wool.

One day, I came across Teddy Bear Orphans and I fell in love with the gnomes she made. I managed to find a tutorial on making hand felted gnomes on YouTube and I tried it out on Guy Fawkes Night 2016. That was when Gnomes for your Homes was born because before I knew it, I had 30 gnomes filling my tables and shelves. And I wanted to make more. Once I started making hand felted gnomes I couldn’t stop. After making so many, the gnomes had morphed into a completely unique to me and that was removed from what others were offering. I had to share them with everyone and putting up an Etsy site seemed the best thing to do.

I love every gnome I make and put a lot of thought into their making. I make each one individually and work on it until it’s finished before starting the next. I love doing the custom gnomes. They bring me such joy because I am trying to make an inspiration into an actualization. And it’s so nice to collaborate with what other people are imagining and bringing it out in a hand felted gnome.

And there you have it.