Gnomes who have found homes in 2019

Here are some of the gnomes that have been adopted this year. Gnomes are always being replaced in my shop. Sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date with who has arrived for adoption.

Custom Gnomes Who Found Homes

I love making custom gnomes. Below are some of the custom gnomes I have made this year. The theme is hand picked by the customer. This year the themes have included Spring, Forest and dog. See my blog post on how you order a custom gnome.

Gnomes of 2018

All of these gnomes were lucky to find homes this year.  Find my new collection and other gnomes at my SHOP.


Works in Progress 2019

Steampunk gnomes
Hand felted steampunk gnomes with top hats and trinkets coming soon


A new year always brings new inspiration for gnomes.  One #WIP is a “Steampunk” and tinker theme.  These gnomes will sport top hats and have extra accessories of gears and bits of metal.  This will be a great challenge as I am not only working a new style but having to make jewelry for the gnomes.



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