Custom Gnomes Made for You, A Guide

gnomes_for_your_homes_custom_hand felted_tomte_christmas_nordic gnome_nisse_jessika simon-osborne_just for you_gift

I have made this little guide to give you a preview of how easy it is to request a custom gnome from Gnomes For Your Homes.

Custom gnomes are an important part of my business.  I love making custom gnomes.  They are an opportunity to put together a piece of art that someone else will love.

Here is the opportunity to participate in the creation of your very own special gnome in my unique style. I treat every custom gnome as my very own and because of that, please make sure that I can easily contact you through a messaging system or email. I send photographs of every step to make sure you are happy with your gnome.

Here’s why I love custom gnomes:

  • Custom gnomes are creatively challenging and that’s why they bring out the best in my work.
  • Custom gnomes allow me to communicate directly with my customers.  I get to have little conversations and get to know them a little.
  • Custom gnomes are never run of the mill.  People usually have a theme or a person in mind.  That gnome needs to capture that person and are therefore unique and individualistic.  They cannot be copied.

What next? 

I pride myself on communication and customer service.  I require my customers to be constructively honest about how they feel about the gnomes I create for them.  I want you to love your gnome.

I send updates and pictures throughout the process for critique and feedback.

I will always let you know the estimated length of time it will take to complete your creation.

Don’t be shy.  Drop me a message to see what I can create for you.

How long does it take?

I work on each gnome individually.  Because of the extra time gathering materials, communicating, and perfecting the gnome to your personal specs, a custom gnome can take 2-3 weeks.  Another factor is the number of other gnomes being created at that time.  Christmas can be particularly busy and I suggest starting early if you need a Christmas gnome.

I have three different listings for Custom Gnomes.

  • Ornament– These gnome ornaments stand between 4-5 inches tall and around 3 inches at the base. They feature a string for hanging, and a small wood disk on the bottom so they can stand with your display.
  • 6 inch– These gnomes stand between 6-7 inches, 4-5 inches at the base. They include a wooden disk on the bottom for free standing.
  • 9 inch– These gnomes stand between 9-10 inches tall and around 6-7 inches at the base. They include a wooden disk on the bottom for free standing.

Information I need for your creation:

  • Hair Colour or Colours. Choose between white or ginger. Let me know any other colour combinations. (I usually stock ruby red; bright light blue; black; bright green; olive green; bright orange; hot pink.)
  • Colour theme and colour combinations. This is the area we will work on the most. The most helpful item I can get from you is a picture or a theme/colour palette (Pinterest is extremely helpful). However, a list of colours or themes also works.

The most common themes include:

  • Hat brim style. Many times the style of the hat is formed by the gnome itself. The gnome chooses in other words. However, there is room for coaxing a hat style.

Examples of hat brim styles:

untitled image
untitled image
Witch Brim
untitled image
Leaf Brim
untitled image
Messy Wet Felted Brim

And that’s it.

Custom gnome listings can be found on my site.

You can also message me using Instagram, Facebook, email and my website.


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