About Gnomes For Your Homes

Hand Felted Gnomes For All Seasons

Jessika Simon-Osborne, Gnome Maker

Gnomes for your Homes consists of me and my longtime love affair of wool.  I have been spinning wool since I was 15 and I was doing crochet and knitting long before that.  It took me years to decide to take the soft, beautiful fleece and stab at it to make it felt.  Once I did, it worked and it has been my main means of artistic outlet since.

I moved from Gig Harbor, Washington State to Bradford, West Yorkshire in 2005 to pursue a master’s degree in human bones and diseases stuff.  I did not have my spinning wheel, only a lonely drop spindle.  I ended up meeting the guy I was to marry, he ended up being English and we stayed in Yorkshire.

I did finally get my spinning wheel to the UK but before I did, I started messing around with felting.  Now I must say, felting is a strange concept when you are used to working with the softness and bounce of wool.  However, felting brings all kinds of opportunities to play with wool that I hadn’t thought possible.  For one thing, I can make and design my own fabric.  I can make toys and decorations just by stabbing and rubbing the wool.

One day, I came across Teddybear Orphans and I fell in love with the gnomes she made.  I managed to find a tutorial on making hand felted gnomes on YouTube and I tried it out on Guy Fawkes Night 2016.  That was when Gnomes for your Homes was born because before I knew it, I had 30 gnomes filling my tables and shelves.  And I wanted to make more.  Once I started making hand felted gnomes I couldn’t stop. I had to share them with everyone and putting up an Etsy site seemed the best thing to do.

I love every gnome I make and put a lot of thought into their making.  I make each one individually and work on it until it’s finished before starting the next.  I love doing the custom gnomes.  They bring me such joy because I am trying to make an inspiration into an actualization.  And it’s so nice to collaborate with what other people are imagining and bringing it out in a hand felted gnome.