#Marchmeetthemaker Day 16: Workspace

You all have seen the pictures of my allotted #workspace. It is really used for storage and I hardly ever work there, hence the messiness. In reality, I work in the living room. Where the kids are, and the TV and the xbox and more mess. I usually plop down all my materials in a heap on the floor and sit at the coffee table or the floor and stab away.

In the Summer, I will take my work outside, but I always have to be aware of what might get stuck in the fibers. I will say this though. You know all of those plastic baskets you get fruit in? They make wonderful project baskets. I usually fill one with all of the fibers I plan to use and that way, if I become randomly inspired or I get a custom request that I can’t work on right away, I can chuck all of the colours into the basket and work on it later. I really do encourage using the plastic baskets if you are a small project maker like crafts, painter, cross stitch etc.

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