Custom Gnomes, A Guide.

I have made this little guide to give you a preview of how easy it is to request a custom, hand felted gnome from Gnomes For Your Homes.

Custom gnomes are an important part of my business. I love making custom gnomes. They are an opportunity to put together a piece of art that someone else will love.

Here’s why I love custom gnomes:

  • Custom gnomes are creatively challenging and that’s why they bring out the best in my work.

  • Custom gnomes allow me to communicate directly with my customers. I get to have little conversations and get to know them a little.

  • Custom gnomes are never run of the mill. People usually have a theme or a person in mind. That gnome needs to capture that person and are therefore unique and individualistic. They cannot be copied.

What I need to know when starting on a custom gnome:

  1. Size

  2. Theme, color, inspiration

  3. Color of hair

  4. Extras

That’s it.

What next?

I pride myself on communication and customer service. I require my customers to be constructively honest about how they feel about the gnomes I create for them. I want you to love your gnome.

I send updates and pictures throughout the process for critique and feedback.

How long does it take?

I work on each gnome individually. Because of the extra time gathering materials, communicating, and perfecting the gnome to your personal specs, a custom gnome can take 2-3 weeks. Another factor is the number of other gnomes being created at that time. Christmas can be particularly busy and I suggest starting early if you need a Christmas gnome.

I will always let you know the estimated length of time it will take to complete your creation.

Don’t be shy. Drop me a message to see what I can create for you.