My first craft fair experience.

I choose to buy a stall at my local indoor market. It was an interesting experience if anything.

Shipley Indoor Market Hall used to be a busy indoor market. It was opened by sure Walter Cronkite in the 60’s and had seen little refurbishment since. Unfortunately, the place has become a little worse for wear and a bit dreary.

A big part of this drab atmosphere is down to the lack of permanent stalls. If you focus too much on that, however, you miss the people running the long term stalls. They are wonderful and creative bunch, that love what they do. There is a real sense of community as these places stay open because they have loyal customers.

So here I am. New to the”craft stall” circuit, the first thing I noticed is the lack of people coming through the door. The foot traffic coming through knows where they want to go and don’t care much for setting the stalls they know will be gone next week.

It was a little disappointing that I didn’t get one sale when Santa was at the Shipley Tree Lighting Ceremony. The people just weren’t coming underground to see us.

For the craft fair, it didn’t seem very craft fair like. No bustling around stalls so people can see you make an item. No demonstrations or food and drink to be bought. There was no real reason to come from the Christmas Market that was already happening upstairs in the market square. That’s where you wanted to be. I will definitely do that next year. I will sit in the cold, but at least there will be four traffic and I can talk to people.

This years experience was good for allowing me time to think about having a stall. How I should decorate it, the best layout for show case gnomes. I got a few customers who have me some tips on what the liked. The tiny ornament ones were
A popular, so I shall be making more of those. look

Next year I would like to go to a bigger market,