Gnomes Aren't Just For Christmas

My gnomes are designed to adorn your home at any time of year. I gather inspiration from the changing seasons, holidays and nature to create bright, colourful and individual styles to my felted hats.

Hello Traveller,

Welcome to Gnomes For Your Homes where you will find hand felted gnomes with glorious locks. These gnomes are one of a kind and truly unique and are unlike any other you see in the marketplace. No cutting, gluing or sewing here, just moulding wool until it creates a gnome.

I use real wool locks that have been scoured and hand dyed by me. The hats are hand blended into mini batts containing various fibers before they are made into a beautiful felted material. No commercially produced fabrics are used in the making of my products.

I use soft Merino, bamboo, linen, tussah silk and locks of Wensleydale and Teeswater to create gnomes of artistic inspiration taken from the natural world around us. I also add a bit of Trilobal and Angelina fibers to make the felted hats glitter and glow.

Some gnomes sit on a wooden disk, some sit in mini terracotta pots. Some gnomes have shoes, some have ears. All are individually made and are meticulously finished and are guaranteed to have no doppelganger.

I have various seasonal collections you will find. These collections include Steampunk, flower, holiday and custom gnomes.

The majority of my gnomes are inspired by the nature I observe in West Yorkshire, others are inspired by upcoming holidays. My favourites are the ones my customers ask me to make.

If you can’t find a premade gnome that speaks to you, let me make one for you. Telling me what you want is easy and I have written a guide to help you along.

I hope you enjoy tiptoeing around my site. My gnomes and I are truly grateful.

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